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Secret Fern NZ is the brainchild of Melanie, inspired by nature's shapes and colours from her home studio in New Zealand.


I started jewellery (re)-making and fixing when I was 12 with my grandma’s best friend supplies - who was a jeweller in France.


It was a great hobby, then I moved on to learning macrame and other techniques. 


When I moved to New Zealand in 2011, I was selling some jewellery at a local market in Auckland but soon, life got in the way and I put this creative activity aside to try “new things” until the last couple of years… 


A trip back to France by the Mediterranean sea and the vibes of Provence inspired me to start creating jewellery again my own way. 

At the end of 2019, the seed of Secret Fern Creations was planted - but not on paper yet.


Months of research later, I started with my line of dainty semi-precious and hypoallergenic bracelets aiming at creating delicate, versatile and high quality bracelets at an affordable price.

 Being active woman and nature lover, a Qi Gong practitioner, I wanted to create a lightweight semi-precious line that I could keep during my activities all day long and introducing some natural materials such as silk, shells etc. in an elegant 


But Secret Fern also encompasses other creations such as my hand-painted polymer clay earrings.  

Each piece is unique, handcrafted with love. 


This colourful addition matches two sides of my creative identity - a part extravagant and colourful and another discreet and elegant. 

In my quest for natural and innovative material, I started to bring to New Zealand the craftsmanship of eco-friendly and vegan cork bags. As I found they are, among other advantages, the perfect sustainable alternative to leather. 

Buying Secret Fern also means supporting a small batch handcrafted New Zealand creative business and all of our  packaging is either recycled or compostable.



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