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A bit more about Cork...

In our mission to bring sustainable and innovative material, we have partnered with Portuguese craftsmanship to introduce eco-friendly bags which are the perfect alternative to leather. 

  • These bags are made from cork, a vegetal fibre from the Oak tree, grown mainly nearby     the Mediterranean sea, where Secret Fern's owner Melanie was born. Cork is an ancient material that has been found in tombs dating back to ancient Egypt, Ancient Greeks and Romans. It was used to make sandals, fishing nets, buoy as floats for fishing nets and wine or olive oil bottle stoppers, and still used to this day. It was also used to create flooring in homes thanks to its water resistance, strength and flexibility. 


The properties of cork...

  • Very Light

  • Water resistant

  • Softness

  • Slow burning

  • Wear and tear resistance

  • Eco-friendly

How are cork bags made?  

The cork is the outer bark of the Oak Tree which is carefully stripped by hand, peeling it away from the trunk and branches. It is a sustainable process as without man's intervention, the tree will eventually strip its bark away by itself after a number of years. 

Cork harvesting is a slow process as it happens every nine to twelve years. It is harmless for the tree and actually helps it to absorb CO2 better. 

The cork is then left to dry for several months and then made into a sheet and boiled and steamed to give it more flexibility and be transformed into leather. 

Unlike the heavy chemical processing of leather, cork leather production is chemical-free

All of our bags are fair-trade made with strict European standards where artisans earn a descent living.  

Are they cruelty-free? 

Yes, all of our bags are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Therefore, they are all approved by PETA UK.

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