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How to take care of your Secret Fern bracelets

1. Dip your stainless steel bracelet in a dish with soap

(mild detergent) & warm water (or mix two parts baking soda and

one part water to make a paste to gently brush on to your piece). 

2. Dip a lint-free cloth (eg: Microfibre) into a dish and clean your piece with it.

Optional: Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub any grime

from detailed areas.

3. Rinse with clean water and pat dry your jewellery with a soft towel. 

Optional 4. : You also can polish your piece by using a jewellery polish

or polishing cloth. Make sure that the polish you are using

is labeled safe for stainless steel.

* Do not use silver polish, as it will stain your jewelry. 

* Do not use whitening toothpaste for cleaning (especially

with silica) as it will scratch your piece. 

That is it for today ;) .

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