View of several double dainty gold surgical steel chain and natural tiny gemstone bracelet

Dainty Double Wrap Gemstone Bracelet


An elegant - and funky - way to wear your gemstone bracelet is to wrap it around twice. 

Made with semi-precious gemstones, high quality hypoallergenic stainless steel and 14k gold filled beads and findings for a no-rust and near water-safe result.


As it is a wrap bracelet, please read below information about measurement. 


A choice of 7 semi-precious gemstones - as pictured - and available in the drop box. 

(As an example, the one in the 1st photo is made with Pink quartz)


  • Pink Quartz - It is the stone of unconditionnal love associated to sensuality, romance, friendship and has a very gentle energy. It is a great stone to have in one's bedroom as said to promote peaceful sleep and dreams. 
  • Lemon Chrysoprase - A great stone for emotional and mental balance. It is said to help analytical and creative thinking. As being a green type of quartz too, it is also a stone healing for the heart, helping self acceptance and helps to release any negative patterns. 
  • Amethyst - A member of the quartz family and a fantastic stone to support the emotional and promote love deep in one's heart. It is a great stone to use to ease stress and promote calmness - good to use during a meditation for instance. It is the most popular crystal in the world.
  • Moss Agate - A wonderful stone with green moss pattern reminding of long forest baths. It is a great stone to balance both side of the brain - the rational and the creative and the male and female energies in one's body. It is also a good stone to attract new friendships in one's life. A personnal favourite. 
  • Apatite - The stone of confidence to help one's achieve its goals in life. Blue apatite in particular is a great stone to enhance communication and public speaking. A fantastic stone to use in meditation when focused on a goal as it sbrings clarity and strenghen intention. 
  • Pink Aventurine - It is a stone that warms the heart and helps with feeling of compassion toward self and happiness. It is a great companion for people who are going throught a hard time in their life. It is also a good stone for knowledge, and for creative minds. 
  • Larimar - Its light blue colour has a deep calming effect on the body. It is a soothing stone for the stressed-out minds. A good stone to use against energy blockages in the body, cooling to the emotions and said to help clear communication.


CUSTOM SIZE MADE TO ORDER - Please measure the circumference of your wrist once - with a piece of string for instance - and be sure to leave a little bit of looseness to have a confortable fit. Leave the measurement information at the time of your order in the "Special request" box in your cart. 


*** Make sure the measurement is precise as there is no extender tail chain on this design. Please note that we are not responsible if the measurement indicated from your part during the order is not correct ***


Buyers advice: Water-safe does not mean waterproof. Water-safe means it is ok to wear them in the shower, but make sure to pat dry afterwards. I would not recommend salt or chlorinated water for an extended period of time though. 


    Cleaning of your jewellery: 

    1. Dip your stainless steel/gold filled bracelet in a dish with soap (mild detergent) and warm water (or combine 2 parts baking soda and 1 part water to make a paste to gently brush on to your piece). 

    2. Dip a lint-free cloth (eg: Microfibre) into your dish to clean your piece. 

    3. Optional: Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub any grime from detailed areas. Avoid rubbing gemstones to prevent scratch marks. 

    4. Deep your piece into another dish of clean water to rinse and dry with a soft towel. 

    Optional: You also can polish your piece by using a jewelry polish or polishing cloth. Make sure that the polish you are using is labeled safe for stainless steel.

    • Do not use silver polish, as it will stain your jewelry. 
    • Do not use whitening toothpastes for cleaning and toothpastes with silica as it will scratch your piece. 

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